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Architectural Design

We prides ourselves in relevant, cost effective and excellent design outcomes based upon the following components

Construction Drawings

We provide our clients detailed and accurate Construction documents and Specifications as required by all jurisdictions having authority over a project. All aspects of documentation are provided in-house for smaller projects or with the assistance of consultants, including among others:


What our
clients say

David Elliott helped us navigate a tricky upgrade on an older church building we were updating for ADA access to rest rooms and a few “minor” changes that turned into complicated structural and regulatory issues. The team of professionals that Dave collaborates with made the process seamless and kept the cost within budget and on time. We could not have accomplished this without his expertise, network, and oh yeah, his long-standing relationships and favor with local building officials.
Dave Dove
Vineyard Church, Salinas
David is both a great friend and consummate professional. He has been a local architect for over 35 years with a tremendous variety of project experience and creative design at both a commercial and residential level. He is well connected to a cadre of consultants that provide necessary engineering, civil, electrical and energy details that bring together complete projects in a timely manner. His most recent work in designing ADUs and tiny homes for low income housing and restoration of unsheltered individuals and families reflects his heart for those he serves.
Eric Johnsen
CEO of R3 – Rehabilitation, Restoration & Respite

We provide the full service of Bidding and Negotiations required of a project including among others:

Bidding and Negotiations

Construction Administration

We provide complete Project Management Services on or off site as required such as:

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